mardi 17 septembre 2013

A veiled woman shouted at a bus in Montreal

A new incident amid religious tension has surfaced. In a video sent to the Huffington Post Quebec ( pictured above ), a man invective a veiled woman in a STM bus in Montreal.
According to the author of the video (including HuffPost could not verify the authenticity ) , who wishes to remain anonymous , the incident occurred in the afternoon of August 28 to the bus 69 , the Gouin Boulevard in Montreal.
"The conversation started when the lady entered the bus, says the author of the video, a French student at McGill University . The man told her to remove her headscarf or return to his country . "The lady would have told him " this is your government that brought me to this country."
What man would have replied: "We are at home here . With Marois , we will remove the hat . " The " hat " referred to the Islamic veil , according to the witness .
"You can stay here with you "
In the passage captured on video , you can hear : "Haitians , Portuguese, Chinese are all integrated [inaudible] zero integration , zero. Yeah , women on one side , men on the other. Wow, what freedom ! "
Meanwhile , the woman replied " Shut up ," before adding " Dirty race."
Some passages are less audible , but the man eventually starts : "You should never open the door .""You're a coward, throws the lady later . They are better than you Muslims. "
Before leaving the bus , the man gives him a final note: "You can stay with you there. You have the war , the Muslim Brotherhood . It 's really good . "
The altercation occurred before the official unveiling of the Charter of Quebec values ​​by Marois government, but after the publication of his great lines in the Journal de Montreal . According to the witness , the man involved in the altercation had also raised the Charter values ​​.
The altercation lasted five to ten minutes.
" Nobody reacted a young man who replied to him " Shut up! " Says the author of the video part. Personally, I was shocked and I did not really know what to do. I told myself that if I was not able to react, what I could do was record a video for maybe share . " The videographer was accompanied by a friend .
And why wait more than two weeks before sharing ? "At first I did not know if I had to. I did not want to be retaliation from the person who invective lady . And I do not know how to do so anonymously . I just do not want to put the video on YouTube, I wanted to give a medium. It is ultimately the incident in Quebec that pushed me to do , "said the student.

A veiled woman shouted at a bus in Montreal par aymentanaze

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