samedi 7 septembre 2013


1-Combat Aircraft Monthly-October 2013
Renowned as the world’s top military aviation magazine, Combat Aircraft Monthly is the magazine of choice for modern military aviation. Covering subjects from around the world, from combat accounts from the cockpit over Afghanistan to air force overviews and emerging aerospace industry stories, Combat Aircraft Monthly delivers all the latest news, with added value from expert analysis, opinion and views from the front line. Combat Aircraft Monthly is the military aviation magazine that sets the pace, often with world exclusives, the best and most authoritative features every month, and all supported by imagery from the world’s leading aviation photographers.
Link for download:http://adf.ly/VJHeA
2-Computer Power User-October 2013
Computer Power User is a monthly print publication aimed at people who breathe, eat, and sleep technology. The kind of person who gets his kicks upgrading graphics cards and smashing benchmarks. The type of person who reinstalls Windows at 2 a.m. because his system keeps crashing while he’s encoding video.
Link for download:http://adf.ly/VJHiX
3-Popular Mechanics-October 2013
Popular Mechanics magazine contains great articles on anything from home improvements and projects such as building your own go-kart to new developments in nuclear power. There is brilliant imagery and illustrations featured in this magazine which makes it very interesting to read through.
Link for download:http://adf.ly/VJHli
4-Popular Science USA - October 2013
This is the most exciting time to be alive in history. Discovery and innovation are reshaping the world around us, and Popular Science makes even the most complex ideas entertaining and accessible. By taking an upbeat, solutions-oriented look at today’s most audacious science and revolutionary technology, we forecast what tomorrow will be like. We deliver the future now.
Link for download:http://adf.ly/VMtFz

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